Certification: Environmental quality verification system
Federlavaggi has written guidelines for the enforcement and maintenance of a system for controlling and preventing the pollution of waste waters originating from vehicle wash operations; these guidelines are the basis for a ‚Äúcertification of correct purification‚ÄĚ, whose development has recently been sponsored by the Oil Company Total.

Our Federation strongly believes in this powerful tool, for the many positive results it can provide:
  • being a voluntary regulatory tool to facilitate the relationship between institutions, environment, Enterprises and market, as an information lever with respect to Local Authorities and of environmental protection Bodies;
  • a. through the self-regulation system, because it enables the Company to be proactive with respect to Government Authorities;
  • b. from the economic and financial viewpoint, because it impacts on the medium and long term profitability of the Oil Company, eliminating potential company liabilities, e.g. administrative and criminal sanctions and idled plants;
  • c. on the front of environmental communication directed to final Consumers, because it is a lever for a generalized increased awareness;
  • d. on the industrial side, because it enables car wash, purifier and chemical manufacturers to have better interaction, to the advantage of the value chain and of car wash professionals.
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