Who we are
Federlavaggi was founded on February 20, 2006 by seven major industry players operating in the car wash supply chain ( Autoequip Lavaggi S.p.A., Ceccato S.p.A., Favagrossa S.r.l., MA-FRA S.p.A., Mix S.r.l., Ryko Italia S.r.l., WashTec Italia S.r.l. ) with the mission of enhancing the quality and value of the entire segment by safeguarding the Associates and developing their industry.

Federlavaggi thus proposes to assist the industrial activity of the Associated Companies promoting consultations and study of a technical, economic, financial nature pertaining to the industry, to cultivate and develop relationships with the other Associations in order to create new synergies useful to promote the industry, to give visibility to the sector highlighting its economic characteristics, its articulations and its productive and commercial evolution.

Currently, Federlavaggi comprises 21 industrial players, covering the entire car wash supply chain, and representing about 1,000 workers.

Federlavaggi offers to Companies that intend to be associated an important series of advantages:
  • it represents them in the domestic and international Bodies and Associations of interest for the car wash industry, informing them and keeping them constantly up to date on standards, laws and regulations involving the industry;
  • it promotes, among associated Companies, consultations, studies and market research to achieve technical, economic and financial goals of interest for the industry, with the objective of safeguarding their industrial activity and promote their image;;
  • it handles and develops relations with other domestic and foreign Associations, to improve mutual knowledge and to develop potential synergies for the domestic and international promotion of the industry, with important results on the value of the entire industry;
  • it provides consulting support for any kind of intervention, also for the enforcement of domestic, international and EU rules of interest for the Companies;
  • it defines specific guidelines of the car wash industry, aimed at its increased recognition through compliance with quality, environmental, safety and ethical standards;
  • it promotes the knowledge and more widespread use of the products of the car wash value chain, promoting also trade shows, exhibitions and conventions, both in Italy and abroad, facilitating the associated Companies’ participation in them;
  • it provides professional training for industry operators, in order constantly to raise the level of the service they offer to the public at large.
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